Modeste (NewcomerTV Nacht), © Torsten Reitz Awaiting Dawn, © Torsten Reitz Maifeld Derby Festival, © Johannes Rehorst Belquis (Maifeld Derby Festival), © Achim Casper Rasmus Hoffmeister (Fender Paramout Contest), © Torsten Reitz
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Bild: Modeste (NewcomerTV Nacht), © Torsten Reitz Bild: Awaiting Dawn, © Torsten Reitz Bild: Maifeld Derby Festival, © Johannes Rehorst Bild: Belquis (Maifeld Derby Festival), © Achim Casper Bild: Rasmus Hoffmeister (Fender Paramout Contest), © Torsten Reitz

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20 Jul 2019, Bülach, Kantine

At the end, the entry fee is divided by 3. Set length approx. 30 to 45 min


27 Jul 2019, Saarlouis, Juz Utopia

If you are interested, just send us a message and we will get back to you!


22 Jun 2019, Emstek

I would like to hire one or two musicians to play suitable music at my garden party during (...)


8 Aug 2019, Oberschleißheim, Munich Beach

We set up a donation box, the proceeds are divided between the bands. At the moment we are s (...)

7 Sep 2019, Erfurt, Club From Hell

Slot 1: 20:15 - 40 minutes playing time You buy 10 tickets for the price of 5 ( 75 Euro ) Slot (...)


22 Nov 2019, Saarbrücken, Studio 30

PA and mixer are on site. Please apply only with a fixed date in 2020. Bands from Germany or t (...)

Rock, Alternative/Independent

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07745 Jena

I am looking for fellow musicians for Industrial Rock / Metal, Electro-Project Megalmodas. Per (...)

Rock, Metal, Alternative/Independent

52428 Jülich

Handpan player seeks opportunities to present the fantastic sounds of the Handpan to a wider public.

Pop, Breakbeat/Drum'n'Bass, Chanson

21244 Buchholz in der Nordheide

I am an experienced drummer looking for a Genesis / Phil Collins Tribute Band. We would be ple (...)

Rock, Alternative/Independent, Rock'n'Roll/Rockabilly

33602 Bielefeld

Search bass, drums and flutes for a new folk project. The goal is to rearrange old rock and me (...)

Rock, Folk/Country

02977 Hoyerswerda

**RESPECT DEAR SINGERS ** Sharpen your senses - because we are looking for next season, f (...)

Show, German Pop

44147 Dortmund

Hi, we are Mental Minefield Riffbetonter RockMetal from Dortmund and we are looking for a flex (...)

Rock, Metal, Alternative/Independent

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