Modeste (NewcomerTV Nacht), © Torsten Reitz Awaiting Dawn, © Torsten Reitz Maifeld Derby Festival, © Johannes Rehorst Belquis (Maifeld Derby Festival), © Achim Casper Rasmus Hoffmeister (Fender Paramout Contest), © Torsten Reitz
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Bild: Modeste (NewcomerTV Nacht), © Torsten Reitz Bild: Awaiting Dawn, © Torsten Reitz Bild: Maifeld Derby Festival, © Johannes Rehorst Bild: Belquis (Maifeld Derby Festival), © Achim Casper Bild: Rasmus Hoffmeister (Fender Paramout Contest), © Torsten Reitz

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20 Jul 2019, Hamburg, Der Clochard

Backline will be provided by the bands after arrangement. Typical Clochard admission free, fee (...)


22 Jun 2019, Beelen, Marktplatz

We do not take admission and therefore do not have a high budget to pay fees. There's somethin (...)

Pop, Rock, Rock'n'Roll/Rockabilly

23 May 2019, Osnabrück, Der Zauber von OS

Hutgage, free drinks

Pop, Rock, Alternative/Independent

19 Jul 2019, Köln, MTC

club rent and box office will be divided among all three bands

Pop, Rock, Alternative/Independent

18 Jan 2020, Bielefeld, Drum Hard -

Act of Creation & Sic Zone at the Hardnight des Drum Hard in Bielefeld.

Metal, Punk/Hardcore

27 Jun 2019, München, zehner

Get in 17:00 Playtime 20:30 - 21:30

Pop, Rock, Alternative/Independent

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01159 Dresden

hiho, I am 29, play hurdy-gurdy and bagpipes looking for connection to an existing project or (...)

Rock, Metal

69117 Heidelberg

Rock/Metal Band seeks second guitarist

Rock, Metal

01277 Dresden

Hello, I'm a pianist and keyboarder and after a few years break I'm looking for a connection t (...)

Pop, Rock, Jazz

38100 Braunschweig

Our songs are in the mood for even more musicians who want to present them passionately on sta (...)

Pop, Rock, Alternative/Independent

25836 Katharinenheerd

Dear fellow musicians! We are looking for ambitious people for the same band in reconstruction (...)


97080 Würzburg

I am a singer (31) looking for musicians to jam together and create a small acoustic band. So (...)

Pop, Rock

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