Modeste (NewcomerTV Nacht), © Torsten Reitz Awaiting Dawn, © Torsten Reitz Maifeld Derby Festival, © Johannes Rehorst Belquis (Maifeld Derby Festival), © Achim Casper Rasmus Hoffmeister (Fender Paramout Contest), © Torsten Reitz
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Bild: Modeste (NewcomerTV Nacht), © Torsten Reitz Bild: Awaiting Dawn, © Torsten Reitz Bild: Maifeld Derby Festival, © Johannes Rehorst Bild: Belquis (Maifeld Derby Festival), © Achim Casper Bild: Rasmus Hoffmeister (Fender Paramout Contest), © Torsten Reitz

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26 Jul 2019, Göttingen

A casual wedding party. No classical celebration, but barbecue buffet with concert - festival (...)

Pop, Rock

7 Jun 2019, Münster, Sputnikhalle

Looking for bands from the surrounding area that many people bring with them. Bands with fixed (...)


20 Jun 2019, Tübingen

It's time again: Soon one of the biggest parties by students for students is coming up! After (...)


21 Sep 2019, Pforzheim, Sakrema

Unfortunately a band had to cancel us for the gig at Sakrema on 21.09.2019. Now you have the c (...)

Rock, Metal

2 Oct 2019, Bremen, Zollkantine

Catering will be provided, as well as overnight accommodations on site and the technical equip (...)

Rock, Metal, Alternative/Independent

7 Jun 2019, Köln, Blue Shell

There is a usage fee of 300 €, which can be earned by entering one of the hottest clubs in Col (...)


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73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd

Hello, we DUEpiuDUE - an Italo band from the Stuttgart region are looking for an experienced k (...)

Pop, Rock, Latin

53125 Bonn

Hey, guys, I (22) am looking for people my age who want to change the music business together (...)

Pop, Rock, Metal

30167 Hannover

Hello, everybody, we are Spearhead - a Bolt Thrower tribute/cover band - looking for a new si (...)


21031 Hamburg

Hello everyone! I play guitar (rhythm) and am looking for a new project. I am experienced and (...)

Rock, Alternative/Independent, Punk/Hardcore

70327 Stuttgart

Our crisis prevention group consisting of family fathers (in total 6 children...not including (...)


45663 Recklinghausen

Hello, we, Rub the Cat, are looking for a keyboarder from now on. Every Thursday evening we re (...)

Pop, Rock, Rock'n'Roll/Rockabilly

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