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I run the venue where the event takes place e.g. live club)

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Cooperation with Backstage PRO / Advertising Partnership

I'm looking for acts for a special occasion or for a bigger event. I am interested in an official cooperation with Backstage PRO and an application call or advertising campaign tailored to our needs

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"Backline" includes technical equipment required for the event (e.g. sound, light, stage)

When using our booking network, the following rules apply:

You are the organizer/promoter of the event or you are acting in consent with the organizer.

The applications are processed through the Backstage PRO services exclusively. Requesting the applicants to send to send in their applications by e-mail or referring to external services is not allowed and will be removed by our staff.

Conscious violation of the rules may lead to the deletion of the offer and may lead to the exclusion from the use of this service.

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