Twisted Rock II 2021

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Twisted Rock II 2021

5 Jun 2021, Musikkultur Giebelstadt, Giebelstadt

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Offered by: Musikkultur Giebelstadt
Date: Saturday, 5 June 2021, 15:00
Venue: Musikkultur Giebelstadt, 97232 , Giebelstadt
Acts: all
Local acts preferred!
Genre: all
Free slots: 5
Salary: unknown
Backline: partially available


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After the mega success of the first Twisted Rock, we will continue with Twisted Rock II on 05.062021 (as Corona lets us). This time a bit more diversified, with more bands. In the afternoon program we also want to give fresh bands the opportunity to present themselves. Size of the stage 8x6 meters. Please apply with tech-rider, etc.: info@twisted-rose.de .....Further information will follow.

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Nach dem Mega-Erfolg des ersten Twisted Rock, geht es am 05.062021 (so Corona uns lässt) weiter mit Twisted Rock II. Dieses Mal etwas breiter gefächert, mit mehr Bands. Im Nachmittagsprogramm möchten wir auch frischen Bands die Möglichkeit geben sich zu präsentieren. Größe der Bühne 8x6 Meter. Bitte mit tech-rider, etc. bewerben: info@twisted-rose.de .....Weitere Infos folgen.

Terms and conditions

In how far we can already pay fees at this event (you all know the current situation) is still unclear. The goal is to organize the event in a way that there is enough left over to pay at least a small fee. In the long run, Twisted Rock should establish itself as a local, regularly recurring festival.


Application is closed.


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