Early Retirement

Rock, Alternative/Independent, Folk/Country from Mainz, since 2019


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This project was started to make music that is 100 % coming from me. It´s pretty much the purest expression you could get of whatever may be floatig through my mind. Is it some depressing stuff? Hell yeah. Are there moments of joy and laughter? Sure thing, buddy. What it comes down to is that I´m trying to say things that I can only truly say with the help of music with this project. It´s supposed to be honest, raw and (sometimes) cynical lyrically but at the same time very melodic and catchy musically. Like if The Beatles and NOFX had a baby. Okay, maybe that´s too high of an expectation, but you get the general idea. There´s hints of punk, emo, indie rock, pop, classic rock, folk -hell even metal - in my music because that´s what I grew up listening to, so expect a wide range of musical (...) Show moreverwurstling. Okay now I feel like I´m just rambling. Thanks for reading this! Show less


Sebastian Bungert

Singer, Guitarist, Bassist, Songwriter


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