Emma's Dream [disbanded]

Rock, Alternative/Independent from Leichlingen, 2013 until 2017


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Emma's Dream was an alternative rock band from Leichlingen, Germany.

Founded by Matthias, Manuel, Darren and Anna in 2013, they composed several songs and played some live gings until their disbandment in September 2016.

In 2015, guitarist Darren left the band and was replaced by Andreas at the same time as the recording of their EP took place. Eventually, Pascal joined the group in 2016 which marked the pinnacle of their occasionally weekly live shows.

  1. Unstoppable (Emma's Dream EP, 2015)Comment
  2. Run, run (full) (Emma's Dream EP, 2015)Comment
  3. Not our way (acoustic) (Emma's Dream EP, 2015)Comment

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