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Livekonzert in

Live concert in

14 Sep 2019, Stream/Online Event

14 Sep 2019, Biblis
Bella's Garten

Offered by: Strandagentur
Date: Saturday, 14 September 2019, 18:30
Venue: Bella's Garten, 68647 , Biblis
Acts: Band, Cover band, Singer/Songwriter
Genre: Pop, Rock, Ska/Reggae/Dancehall, Funk
Excluded genres: German Pop
Free slots: 0
Confirmed: SIMEON
Salary: Fixed payments (400 €)
Backline: partially available

Posted on 15 August 2019   14

Musiker, Band's & Co gesucht

Musician, Band's & Co wanted

20 Mar 2019, Stream/Online Event

20 Mar 2019, Berlin

Offered by: Cem Atalay
Date: Wednesday, 20 March 2019, 20:01
Venue: 133581 , Berlin
Acts: all
Genre: all
Free slots: 0
Confirmed: Marfa Motel, Doppelgänger, SISC, Shade of Shambles, Mortal Infinity, The Jenglers, Art of Fluctuation, VILOU, SYSTEMO, Salud, Fun Goth, Eternal Red, FEALE, Nicao, YANG, Simon Reverb, Twenty:Thirteen, Birth of the Wicked, Amanda Ghatorra, Chicken Is Awesome, Alice Roger, DinoSound, Wallfacer, pan., TCAS, Reason for Jack, Vadot, friederike., CodaControl, Boba Cat, Tiffany for Breakfast, NORRIS, Exaudi, On Our Own - Official, Kies & Schotter, Tuff Sound, Los Crachos, Controversial, Baumwolle, MORGENDOWN, The DogHunters, Olaf Maske & die Spontanitäter, Rote Planeten, Walking Men, 2 BACK TOO BLACK, LIA, Every Colour You Are, Sultan, MAY, Lunatic Dictator, code:GAMMA, Phileas, Ostückenberg, The Bronze Empire, WALZWERK1, Ornatus, Karmakab, DEGUY , Rob Fleming, Dominik Friedrich, Oscar Stening, Sleeping Well, Leyla Trebbien & Band, The Deaf Dollars, Leisegold, Chromantic Flash, Stroking Breeze, Denise Obluda, Jungfrau Männlich Deluxe, FRINK, LASMA, Life On Mars, Call Us Janis, Chris Ladd, KEEP IT CLOSE, The CUBE, Profane Sanctum, Josias Ender, Inge & Heinz, Max Herzog - Gitarre, Frau Rechtsanwältin, Junk Love, Kombo Lombo, CASUAL FRIDAY, Acuario Cosmico, Samarah, Westwerker, SIMEON, Shrike, Chrissy , AFTERTHERIOT, Fah Off, Holborn Stereo, Alex Halka, Ito Cann, Nano Garrido, German Agger, Bassballett , Jonny Jon, MATTHIAS SAIHTTAM , First n Stripes, Noise Affection, Oxycodon, acprjct, Puddingshop, Aerger, Apallic Decay, Rules Of This Game and Bluebottle Jinx
Salary: noncommercial or charity event, no payment
Backline: partially available

Posted on 20 February 2019   44

NEWCOMER FESTIVAL beim Straßenfest 2019 Kirchheim am Neckar

NEWCOMER FESTIVAL at the Straßenfest 2019 Kirchheim am Neckar

30 Jun 2019, Stream/Online Event

30 Jun 2019, Kirchheim am Neckar, Straßenfest

Offered by: Heimer's Welt
Date: Sunday, 30 June 2019, 17:00
Venue: Straßenfest74366 , Kirchheim am Neckar
Acts: all
Local acts preferred!
Genre: all
Free slots: 0
Confirmed: NO DATE THEORY, Limanja, SIMEON, Bent Bridges and Thursday in March
Salary: Fixed payments (300 €)
Backline: partially available

Posted on 5 February 2019   27

Liederslam Mannheim

Liederslam Mannheim

10 Mar 2015, Stream/Online Event

10 Mar 2015, Mannheim

Offered by: Eydition
Date: Tuesday, 10 March 2015, 20:00
Venue: Nelson , 68161 , Mannheim
Acts: Band, Singer/Songwriter, Solo artist
Genre: Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Comedy
Free slots: 0
Confirmed: KRAUS&KRÜGER, SIMEON, Herr Müller und sein Chauffeur and julakim
Salary: Contribution towards expenses
Backline: partially available

Posted on 28 February 2015   2