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70736 Fellbach

Ad posted on 13 January 2021 by Matt Fleischmann

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Professional recording studio in Fellbach
- Studio and live recording
- Music and voice recordings
- Mixing and Mastering
- Analog and digital equipment
- High end DAWs (Nuendo, ProTools, Sequoia ...)
- Plugins of all important and well-known manufacturers
- Analog Tape Machine (Mastering)
- Large selection of microphones and outboard
- Measured control room
- Great sounding recording room
- Cozy studio where you can feel comfortable, equipped with the finest equipment
- Mobile recordings (up to 32 tracks recorded with live mix)
- PA for the sound of up to 500 people
***** Fair Prices, Special Deals, Promo Deals *****
Telephone: 0711-5461680
Mobile: 0176-42616156
Mail: info@pro-suite-audio.de

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Professionelles Tonstudio in Fellbach
- Studio- und Live-Recording
- Musik- und Sprachaufnahmen
- Mixing und Mastering
- Analoges und digitales Equipment
- High End DAWs (Nuendo, ProTools, Sequoia...)
- Plugins aller wichtigen und namhaften Hersteller
- Analoge Bandmaschine (Mastering)
- Grosse Auswahl an Mikrofonen und Outboard
- Eingemessener Regieraum
- Grossartig klingender Aufnahmeraum
- Gemütliches Studio in dem man sich wohlfühlen kann, ausgestattet mit feinstem Equipment
- Mobile Aufnahmen (bis 32 Spuren Mitschnitt bei Live-Mix)
- PA zur Beschallung von bis zu 500 Personen
***** Faire Preise, Special Deals, Promo Deals *****
Telefon: 0711-5461680
Mobil: 0176-42616156
Mail: info@pro-suite-audio.de

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