DAS ZENTRUM - Internationales Jugendkulturzentrum Bayreuth e.V.

Äußere Badstraße 7a, 95448 Bayreuth
Kulturzentrum, est. 2000


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THE CENTER - Culture in a nutshell

As a lively meeting place for different target groups and a solid culture of the city, the International Youth Culture Center Bayreuth (DAS CENTER) has not only realized its own events for over 30 years, but also offers a multifaceted & exciting platform for youth projects, modern theater, international artist workshops, classical & contemporary music , Pop and rock festivals, film & reading festivals at the highest level.

THE CENTER Currently two different institutions under one roof: the event office of the ZENTRUM and the German-French forum of young art.

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DAS ZENTRUM – Kultur auf den Punkt gebracht

Als lebendige Begegnungsstätte für unterschiedliche Zielgruppen & fester Kulturbestand der Stadt realisiert das Internationale Jugendkulturzentrum Bayreuth (DAS ZENTRUM) seit über 30 Jahren nicht nur eigene Veranstaltungen, sondern bietet auch eine facettenreiche & spannende Plattform für Jugendprojekte, modernes Theater, internationale Künstlerworkshops, klassische & zeitgenössische Musik, Pop- und Rockfestivals, Film- & Lesefestivals auf höchstem Niveau.

DAS ZENTRUM derzeit zwei unterschiedliche Institutionen unter einem Dach: Das Veranstaltungsbüro des ZENTRUM und das deutsch-französische forum junger kunst.

  • Venue characteristics

    Size and capacity (audience)

    • small (up to 100) (1 User)
    • medium (up to 500) (2 User)
    • large (up to 1000) (1 User)

    Type of venue

    • separate venue (5 User)


    • good (4 User)
    • average (1 User)

    Backstage room available

    • yes (4 User)

    Merch selling possible

    • yes (4 User)

    Non-smoker location

    • yes (5 User)
  • Event concepts

    Which kind of payment do bands receive normally?

    • fixed payment (1 User)
    • doordeal, profit share (1 User)

    If true, do newcomers and local bands get booked?

    • yes (2 User)

    Does the club actively advertise events?

    • yes (1 User)

    Venue can be rented for own events

    • yes (2 User)
  • Stagecraft


    • available (5 User)

    Size of stage or performance-area respectively

    • average (5-12 m²) (3 User)
    • large (more than 12 m²) (2 User)


    • available (5 User)

    Stage lights

    • available (5 User)

    FoH personell

    • present (1 User)
    • sometimes, with prior consent (3 User)

    Preparation and soundcheck

    • early afternoon (1 User)
    • negotiable (4 User)


    • equipment must be dismantled and loaded after the sow (1 User)
    • negotiable (3 User)

    Loading and unloading situation

    • loading/unloading directly at building or stage entrance respectively (5 User)
  • Location, arrival, parking


    • city centre (4 User)
    • city, peripheral area (1 User)

    Arrival by car, parking

    • location has sufficient parking space (4 User)

    Arrival by public transport

    • good (1 User)
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