Elfer Music Club

Klappergasse 5-7, 60594 Frankfurt am Main
Club, est. 2000


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The Elfer is located in the Klappergasse in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen. At the old location in the Maybachstraße right next to the old Batschkapp many well-known bands played at the beginning of their time such as the Beatsteaks and Alkaline Trio. The stars of tomorrow are so first in the smaller frame in the penalty to see - this has not changed by the move in 2013 anything. The kicker was retained. The pool table, however, has given way to a N64 and our Beerpong table.

Small family cellar club with two floors but moderate drinks and entrance fees (for Frankfurt standards). In the black and red room, regional newcomers and experienced DJs provide the electronic exception in Sachsenhausen.

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Der Elfer liegt in der Klappergasse in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen. Am alten Standort in der Maybachstraße direkt neben der alten Batschkapp spielten schon viele bekannte Bands am Anfang ihrer Zeit wie zum Beispiel die Beatsteaks und Alkaline Trio. Die Stars von morgen sind also erstmal im kleineren Rahmen im Elfer zu sehen - daran hat sich auch durch den Umzug im Jahr 2013 nichts geändert. Auch der Kicker wurde beibehalten. Der Billardtisch ist allerdings einer N64 und unserem Beerpong-Tisch gewichen.

Kleiner familiärer Kellerclub mit zwei Floors aber moderaten Getränke- und Eintrittspreisen (für Frankfurter Verhältnisse). Im schwarzen und roten Raum sorgen regionale Newcomer sowie erfahrene DJs für die elektronische Ausnahme in Sachsenhausen.

  • Venue characteristics

    Size and capacity (audience)

    • small (up to 100) (51 User)
    • medium (up to 500) (40 User)

    Type of venue

    • separate venue (57 User)
    • integrated into bar or similar (36 User)


    • good (43 User)
    • average (46 User)
    • bad (4 User)

    Backstage room available

    • yes (66 User)
    • no (21 User)

    Merch selling possible

    • yes (71 User)
    • no (9 User)

    Non-smoker location

    • yes (53 User)
    • no (24 User)
  • Event concepts

    Which kind of payment do bands receive normally?

    • doordeal, profit share (28 User)
    • profit share, pay to play (10 User)
    • none (3 User)

    If true, do newcomers and local bands get booked?

    • yes (39 User)
    • no (2 User)

    Does the club actively advertise events?

    • yes (8 User)
    • little or not at all (28 User)

    Venue can be rented for own events

    • yes (35 User)
    • no (1 User)
  • Stagecraft


    • available (84 User)
    • not available, but can be brought and assembled (3 User)

    Size of stage or performance-area respectively

    • small (up to 5 m²) (28 User)
    • average (5-12 m²) (62 User)
    • large (more than 12 m²) (4 User)


    • available (83 User)
    • available to some extent (8 User)
    • not available (2 User)

    Stage lights

    • available (77 User)
    • available to some extent (15 User)
    • not available (1 User)

    FoH personell

    • present (84 User)
    • sometimes, with prior consent (3 User)

    Preparation and soundcheck

    • early afternoon (23 User)
    • late afternoon / evening (51 User)
    • negotiable (12 User)


    • equipment must be dismantled and loaded after the sow (72 User)
    • equipment can be left there over night (1 User)
    • negotiable (4 User)

    Loading and unloading situation

    • loading/unloading directly at building or stage entrance respectively (52 User)
    • nearby (18 User)
    • loading/unloading hardly possible (18 User)
  • Location, arrival, parking


    • city centre (71 User)
    • city, peripheral area (24 User)

    Arrival by car, parking

    • location has sufficient parking space (5 User)
    • no or insufficient parking space, parking is possible nearby (64 User)
    • no parking space nearby (21 User)

    Arrival by public transport

    • good (82 User)
    • average (4 User)
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Support-Band im Crossover-Bereich gesucht!

Support band in the crossover area wanted!

24 Oct 2021, Elfer Music Club, Frankfurt am Main

24 Oct 2021, Frankfurt am Main
Elfer Music Club

Date: Sunday, 24 October 2021, 19:00
Venue: Elfer Music Club , 60594 , Frankfurt am Main
Acts: all
Local acts preferred!
Genre: Rock, Metal, Alternative/Independent, Hip Hop/Rap
Excluded genres: German Pop, Chanson
Free slots: 2
Salary: Doordeal
Backline: available

Posted on 12 February 2021   7

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