Große Elbstrasse 84, 22767 Hamburg
Club, est. 1997


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The Hafenklang is a renowned live club of the harder gangue with "exile building" directly at the harbor! With two large concert halls (the upper one called the "Golden Salon") and a bar, Hafenklang offers more than enough space to celebrate in style.

The house with the beautiful name is a true Hamburg veteran. It was built in 1860 and was saved from demolition in 1997. Years before, the Hafenklang had established itself as an artists' meeting place, not least because it was there that the city's first 24-track studio was set up. Udo Lindenberg and Co. recorded legendary albums there. Today, in addition to concerts of small bands from punk, electro and rock, numerous parties are on the program. In the Golden Salon there is also food and the punk table with table tennis and DJs.

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Das Hafenklang ist ein renommierter Live-Club der härteren Gangart mit "Exilgebäude" direkt am Hafen! Mit zwei großen Konzerträumen (der obere genannt "Goldener Salon") und einer Bar ist im Hafenklang mehr als genug Platz, um stilvoll zu feiern.

Das Haus mit dem schönen Namen ist ein echtes Hamburger Urgestein. Bereits 1860 wurde es erbaut und wurde 1997 vor dem Abriss gerettet. Schon Jahre vorher hatte sich das Hafenklang als Künstlertreff etabliert, was nicht zuletzt daran lag, dass dort das erste 24-Spur-Studio der Stadt eingerichtet wurde. Udo Lindenberg und Co. nahmen dort legendäre Alben auf. Heutzutage stehen neben Konzerten kleiner Bands aus Punk, Elektro und Rock auch zahlreiche Partys auf dem Programm. Im Goldenen Salon gibt es zudem Essen und den Punkerstammtisch mit Tischtenni (...) Show mores und Djs. Show less

  • Venue characteristics

    Size and capacity (audience)

    • small (up to 100) (1 User)
    • medium (up to 500) (10 User)
    • large (up to 1000) (1 User)

    Type of venue

    • separate venue (9 User)
    • integrated into bar or similar (4 User)


    • good (10 User)
    • average (3 User)

    Backstage room available

    • yes (13 User)

    Merch selling possible

    • yes (13 User)

    Non-smoker location

    • yes (5 User)
    • no (3 User)
  • Event concepts

    Which kind of payment do bands receive normally?

    • fixed payment (3 User)
    • doordeal, profit share (3 User)

    If true, do newcomers and local bands get booked?

    • yes (6 User)
    • rarely (1 User)

    Does the club actively advertise events?

    • yes (6 User)
    • little or not at all (1 User)

    Venue can be rented for own events

    • yes (3 User)
  • Stagecraft


    • available (13 User)

    Size of stage or performance-area respectively

    • small (up to 5 m²) (1 User)
    • average (5-12 m²) (10 User)
    • large (more than 12 m²) (2 User)


    • available (13 User)

    Stage lights

    • available (12 User)
    • available to some extent (1 User)

    FoH personell

    • present (13 User)

    Preparation and soundcheck

    • early afternoon (2 User)
    • late afternoon / evening (11 User)


    • equipment must be dismantled and loaded after the sow (2 User)
    • equipment can be left there over night (3 User)
    • negotiable (3 User)

    Loading and unloading situation

    • loading/unloading directly at building or stage entrance respectively (11 User)
    • loading/unloading hardly possible (1 User)
  • Location, arrival, parking


    • city centre (11 User)
    • city, peripheral area (2 User)

    Arrival by car, parking

    • location has sufficient parking space (4 User)
    • no or insufficient parking space, parking is possible nearby (6 User)

    Arrival by public transport

    • good (8 User)
    • average (3 User)
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