Traubestraße 5, 80805 München
Kulturzentrum, est. 2000


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The Soundcafe is one of the most modern facilities of the Kreisjugendring München-Stadt. It lies idyllically between the Ungerer open-air swimming pool and the small lake of an adjacent housing estate (U6 North Cemetery).

The Soundcafe is open to all those between 11 and 18 years of age (even older in the case of events...) who would like to do something in their free time. Based on your ideas, the Soundcafe team organizes various actions, projects, workshops and events. You can also use the workshop, a DJ system, two computers, a mirrored hall and a karaoke system.

The facilities include an elevator, a special ramp at the entrance and a handicapped-accessible toilet. This means that teenagers and young people in wheelchairs can also take part in events, concerts or workshops without any (...) Show more obstacles.

The Soundcafe also rents out band practice rooms as well as rooms for children's birthday parties and other activities for young bands. The sound section is an important focus of the Sound Café's work. Here young musicians and bands are supported by concerts, the band practice rooms and the support of their colleague Andy Seidel, who is himself a musician. Show less

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Das Soundcafe ist eine der modernsten Einrichtungen des Kreisjugendrings München-Stadt. Es liegt idyllisch zwischen dem Ungerer Freibad und dem kleinen See einer angrenzenden Wohnsiedlung (U6 Nordfriedhof).

Das Soundcafe steht allen offen, die zwischen 11 und 18 Jahren alt sind (bei Veranstaltungen auch etwas älter...) und Lust haben, in ihrer Freizeit etwas zu unternehmen. Aus euren Ideen organisiert das Soundcafe-Team verschiedene Aktionen, Projekte, Workshops und Veranstaltungen. Außerdem stehen euch u.a. die Werkstatt, eine DJ-Anlage, zwei Computer, ein verspiegelter Saal und eine Karaokeanlage zur Verfügung.

Die Einrichtung verfügen über einen Fahrstuhl, eine spezielle Rampe am Eingang und eine behindertengerechte Toilette. Somit können auch Teenies und Jugendliche im Rollstuhl ohne (...) Show more Hindernisse an Aktionen, Konzerten oder Workshops teilnehmen.

Das Soundcafe vermietet für junge Nachwuchsbands außerdem Bandübungsräume sowie Räume für Kindergeburtstage und weitere Aktivitäten. Der Soundbereich ist ein wichtiger Arbeitsschwerpunkt des Soundcafes. Hier werden junge MusikerInnen und Bands durch Konzerte, die Bandübungsräume und die Betreuung durch den Kollegen Andy Seidel, der selbst Musiker ist, gefördert. Show less

  • Venue characteristics

    Size and capacity (audience)

    • small (up to 100) (14 User)
    • medium (up to 500) (27 User)

    Type of venue

    • separate venue (43 User)


    • good (26 User)
    • average (16 User)

    Backstage room available

    • yes (31 User)
    • no (11 User)

    Merch selling possible

    • yes (38 User)

    Non-smoker location

    • yes (42 User)
    • no (2 User)
  • Event concepts

    Which kind of payment do bands receive normally?

    • fixed payment (2 User)
    • doordeal, profit share (20 User)
    • profit share, pay to play (1 User)
    • none (1 User)

    If true, do newcomers and local bands get booked?

    • yes (25 User)

    Does the club actively advertise events?

    • yes (12 User)
    • little or not at all (16 User)

    Venue can be rented for own events

    • yes (18 User)
    • no (2 User)
  • Stagecraft


    • available (41 User)

    Size of stage or performance-area respectively

    • average (5-12 m²) (24 User)
    • large (more than 12 m²) (16 User)


    • available (42 User)
    • available to some extent (1 User)

    Stage lights

    • available (41 User)
    • available to some extent (1 User)

    FoH personell

    • present (34 User)
    • sometimes, with prior consent (6 User)

    Preparation and soundcheck

    • early afternoon (7 User)
    • late afternoon / evening (30 User)
    • negotiable (2 User)


    • equipment must be dismantled and loaded after the sow (25 User)
    • negotiable (3 User)

    Loading and unloading situation

    • loading/unloading directly at building or stage entrance respectively (30 User)
    • nearby (12 User)
  • Location, arrival, parking


    • city centre (24 User)
    • city, peripheral area (16 User)

    Arrival by car, parking

    • location has sufficient parking space (20 User)
    • no or insufficient parking space, parking is possible nearby (17 User)
    • no parking space nearby (1 User)

    Arrival by public transport

    • good (38 User)
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Current gig offers

Mad River [Live at Soundcafe, 22.05.19]

Mad River [Live at Soundcafe , 22.05.19]

22 May 2020, Soundcafe, München

22 May 2020, München

Offered by: Mad River
Date: Friday, 22 May 2020, 19:00
Venue: Soundcafe , 80805 München
Acts: Band
Genre: Rock, Metal, Alternative/Independent, Punk/Hardcore
Excluded genres: Pop, Hip Hop/Rap
Free slots: 1
Salary: unknown
Cost/pay-to-play: unknown
Backline: unknown

Posted on 5 February 2020   13

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