Gneisenaustr.56, 44147 Dortmund
Kneipe, est. 1993


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Subrose is a ur-cozy, iconic harbor bar in Dortmund with colorful (sofa) interiors and international audience from young to old. Creative minds of all kinds, students, workers, doctors, punks, freaks and socials alike feel comfortable and chat, eat, drink and smoke side by side. Otherwise it says: Borussia is law & SOCCER IS OUR LIFE - but we still have the music ...

Program: Poetry jam, AcousticOpenTalentschuppen, LIVEonSTAGE w / BoB (ditto), DOppelKOppzock, table football (tournaments), pinball and feeding like nuts.

LET THERE BE LOVE. and rock.

"the nordstadt's favorite scene bar" easyJet-in-flight-magazine
"the most beautiful living room far and wide" coolibri-cityguide2006 / 007
"If I lived here, I would also be private"
 ChristianBrückner - the german voice of RobertdeNiro
"... yo (...) Show moreu could even make love here!" JürgenDrews Show less

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Subrose ist eine ur-gemütliche, kultige Hafen-Bar in Dortmund mit bunt gemischtem (Sofa-)Interieur & internationalem Publikum von jung bis alt. Kreativ-Köpfe aller Art, Studenten, Arbeiter, Doktoren, Punks, Freaks & Soziale fühlen sich gleichermaßen wohl und plaudern, essen, trinken, rauchen Seite an Seite. Ansonsten heißt es: Borussia ist Gesetz & FUSSBALL IST UNSER LEBEN - doch haben wir auch noch die Musik...

Programm: Poetry jam, AcousticOpenTalentschuppen, LIVEonSTAGE w/ BoB (dito), DOppelKOppzock, tischfussball(turniere), Flipper und futtern wie bei Muttern.

LET THERE BE LOVE. und rock.

"the nordstadt's favourite scene bar" easyJet-in-flight-magazine
"das schönste wohnzimmer weit und breit" coolibri-cityguide2006/007
"wenn ich hier wohnen würde, käme ich auch privat"
ChristianBr (...) Show moreückner - die deutsche stimme von RobertdeNiro
"...hier könnt' man sogar liebe machen!" JürgenDrews Show less

  • Venue characteristics

    Size and capacity (audience)

    • small (up to 100) (12 User)

    Type of venue

    • integrated into bar or similar (12 User)


    • good (7 User)
    • average (3 User)

    Backstage room available

    • yes (2 User)
    • no (8 User)

    Merch selling possible

    • yes (8 User)

    Non-smoker location

    • yes (9 User)
    • no (2 User)
  • Event concepts

    Which kind of payment do bands receive normally?

    • fixed payment (2 User)
    • doordeal, profit share (2 User)
    • audience donation (2 User)
    • none (2 User)

    If true, do newcomers and local bands get booked?

    • yes (10 User)

    Does the club actively advertise events?

    • yes (2 User)
    • little or not at all (2 User)

    Venue can be rented for own events

    • yes (1 User)
  • Stagecraft


    • available (10 User)

    Size of stage or performance-area respectively

    • small (up to 5 m²) (6 User)
    • average (5-12 m²) (4 User)


    • available (8 User)
    • available to some extent (1 User)

    Stage lights

    • available (7 User)
    • available to some extent (4 User)

    FoH personell

    • present (11 User)

    Preparation and soundcheck

    • late afternoon / evening (7 User)
    • negotiable (5 User)


    • equipment must be dismantled and loaded after the sow (3 User)
    • equipment can be left there over night (1 User)
    • negotiable (1 User)

    Loading and unloading situation

    • loading/unloading directly at building or stage entrance respectively (9 User)
    • nearby (2 User)
  • Location, arrival, parking


    • city centre (8 User)
    • city, peripheral area (3 User)

    Arrival by car, parking

    • location has sufficient parking space (2 User)
    • no or insufficient parking space, parking is possible nearby (7 User)

    Arrival by public transport

    • good (10 User)
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