Masters Of Disguise

Metal from Riedstadt, since 2012


Label: Limb Music


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MASTERS OF DISGUISE have risen from the ashes of the last existing SAVAGE GRACE line-up, standing for the virtues of US speed and power metal like back in the old days. With the aim of delivering nothing less than a worthy successor to SAVAGE GRACE's "Master Of Disguise" album from 1985, they put together songs with the feeling and the intensity of US metal in its prime.
With a vocalist who delivers it all (Alexx Stahl), a rhythm section to break bones (Jens Gellner & Mario Lang) and two lead guitars with that certain "savoir faire" (Kalli Coldsmith & Wolfgang Buchinger), MASTERS OF DISGUISE hit the stages in Fall 2013 with their debut album "BACK WITH A VENGEANCE".
On 20th of February 2015 the second album "The Savage And The Grace" was released. It is a worthy successor to this highly ac (...) Show moreclaimed and successful debut.
MASTERS OF DISGUISE do NOT copy the legendary past of that Speed Metal legend SAVAGE GRACE - they fill the musical gap SAVAGE GRACE have left and they do this with panache and incredible self-confidence!
MASTERS OF DISGUISE are a furious explosion of speed and power and top it off with a high proportion of melody.
Watch out, because Knutson has returned... Show less


Wolle Buchinger



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