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68526 Ladenburg

Ad by ABNEGATION (Gitarrist) (Metal from Ladenburg), published 24 February 2020


Category: Band is looking for drummer
Genre: Metal
Ambition: ambitious, semi professional, professional
Skill: experienced, very experienced
Song material: available
Rehearsal space: available
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Are you a drummer with experience? Do you like American Power and Melodic Thrash Metal?
Bands like Flotsam N Jetsam, Exodus, Kreator, Slayer and Testament tell you what?
Then get in touch, because we are looking for someone like you!!!
~ Abnegation
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Bist du Drummer mit Erfahrung? Magst du American Power und Melodic Thrash Metal?
Bands wie Flotsam N Jetsam, Exodus, Kreator, Slayer und Testament sagen dir was?
Dann melde dich, da wir jemand wie dich suchen!!!
~ Abnegation
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Oskar's "Guitar Adventure" started around 1987 using an instrument made from cutting board and some elastics. After few weeks he got his first acoustic guitar borrowed from neighbour and few months later purchased his first electric guitar.
After few months Oskar started his first ever band with his school friend Rafal Grela (Sysy) who currently plays drums with Przystanek Mrowkowiec.
For the next few years, looking for his style Oskar was joining and leaving many local bands.
Oskar, together with Novy and Bony, was one of the co-founder of Cerebral Concussion, later Devilyn.
Around 1993 Oskar together with Krzysztof Malek (Maly) started band called Fratricide which was changed to Existence.where Oskar played guitar and was the lead vocal.
In 1994 Existence recorded theis first studio demo (...) Show more called "In Pain...". Songs form this demo can be found on You Tube.
After the release of "In Pain...", Existence played many local gigs with bands such as Vader, Chris Agony, and many more.
In 1997 all members of the band moved out of the country and that was the end of Existence.
Currently, Oskar is recording his own music at his home studio. All his songs can be found on this site and You Tube. Show less


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