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I'm looking for a rock or blues band

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Ad by Markus Doms, published 21 April 2020


Category: Guitarist is looking for a band
Genre: Rock, Blues
Ambition: ambitious
Skill: advanced, experienced
Song material: available
Rehearsal space: not available
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I myself am a guitarist (17) and am looking for ambitious musicians (mainly someone for vocals, drums, and bass) from Moers and the surrounding area to found a cover band oriented to the music of people like Hendrix, SRV, Led Zeppelin and Gary Moore.

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Ich selbst bin Gitarrist (17) und suche ambitionierte Musiker (vornehmlich jemanden für Gesang, Schlagzeug, und bass) aus Moers und Umgebung zur Gründung einer an der Musik von Leuten wie Hendrix, SRV, Led Zeppelin und Gary Moore orientierten Coverband.


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