K. Beutesachse

Bassman and singing guitar player (U 60) looking for fellow musicians

01458 Ottendorf

Ad by K. Beutesachse, published 14 March 2019


Category: Guitarist, drummer, singer is looking for musicians (guitarist, drummer)
Genre: Pop, Rock
Ambition: ambitious
Skill: experienced
Song material: available
Rehearsal space: available
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We are looking for a woman/man on lead guitar and drums. Rehearsal room in Taubenheim near Dresden with drumset available. Everything is played from Lindenberg via CCR to Eric Clapton

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Wir suchen Frau/Mann an der Leadgitarre sowie am Schlagzeug. Probenraum in Taubenheim bei Dresden mit Drumset vorhanden. Gespielt wird alles von Lindenberg über CCR bis Eric Clapton


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