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Offered by: BOBs Frischlinge   45
Genre: all
Application closes: Tuesday, 31 December 2019


RADIO BOB! is a radio station with the "greatest rock'n'pop songs of all time", but just as open to musical trends and newcomers. That's why BOB presents the best fresh band once a month. The budding "freshmen" apply exclusively here at Backstage PRO.
With an intelligent concept, authentic presenters and a love of real, handmade music, the station is the opposite of boring pop funk.
You're convinced you can rock the radio?
The bands selected within the framework of this cooperation will take part in the BOB community's fresh-blood voting, which decides which song will get an airplay. RADIO BOB! always presents the new "Fresh of the Month" on the last working day of the month.
Apply exclusively here at Backstage PRO with your own songs
terms and conditions

Applicants must not be registered with GEMA.

With your application you agree to this agreement of RADIO BOB!

Your songs must have an MP3 quality of 44.1 kHZ sample rate and a bit rate of at least 128.

Do you have a new song on the line, but it's not quite finished yet? Then wait with your application until he's ready. The team of RADIO BOB! is looking for new artists and new songs every month.
P.P.S.: Please also read our interview with Benjamin Zinke of RADIO BOB!



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