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SonntagMorgen e. V.

Stage tech, Concert promoter in 25554 Nortorf

We organize (among other great events) an annual great happening in the beautiful north! We are always looking for bands, helpers, ideas, feedback, equipment (stage and infrastructure). Our onli (...)

MKB Markus Biedermann

Journalismus, Pressearbeit, Redaktionsmanagement

Music journalism/editor in 68259 Mannheim

Markus Biedermann, a studied musicologist and media ethnologist, works as a freelance journalist. He is a convinced online artist, a passionate author, photographer and musician. ‣ Trade jour (...)

Musicteam Mannheim

Artist management and development, Music lessons in 68169 Mannheim

The MUSICTEAM MANNHEIM was founded in 1982 by Frank-Ulrich Vögely as a union of distinguished musicians in self-organization and self-government. The goal was to convey music practically and the (...)


Thomas F.Gernhardt

Concert promoter in 09405 Zschopau

Implementation of small events, street festivals and charity events Placement of musicians, recording studio and music production

Metal & High Heels Magazine

Metal, Lifestyle & Entertainment in one online-magazine - since 2013!

Online magazine/Website, Music journalism/editor in 44139 Dortmund

Metal & High Heels – Metal, Lifestyle & Entertainment in one place. Metal & High Heels is an online magazine about women* and metal music, covering the latest news of the metal scene and other i (...)

DoContent | Cristina Mlynek

Marketing/PR, Consultant/Coaching in 44139 Dortmund

Hi, I am Cristina Mlynek and I stand behind DoContent with heart and hand. I am a specialist in strategy development and content creation for digital media such as websites, blogs and social net (...)


Studio/Recording, Music production in 60313 Frankfurt am Main

Der Studio Komplex in der Frankfurter Stadtmitte Zentrales Tonstudio mit 100qm Aufnahmeraum, 20qm Schlagzeugraum, 2 Sprach- und Gesangskabinen, 2 Regien, Instrumentenarsenal, plus separate Mix-S (...)

Raging Storm Festival

Concert promoter in 61169 Friedberg

The Raging Storm Festival is a small Heavy Metal Festival organized by volunteers in cooperation with the Junity in Friedberg (Hesse). The festival is supposed to offer metal bands the chance to (...)

hoffnungsträger - Junge Kreative in Hanau

Concert promoter in 63450 Hanau

The hopeful started in 2003 as a young band competition in the legendary Hanau pig hall. It is still organized by the Youth Education Center of the City of Hanau, the sponsoring association Kult (...)


Bei uns laufen die Fäden zusammen

Stage tech, Artist management and development, Video/Multimedia production, Concert promoter, Merchandise in 63454 Hanau

We organize concerts in the Frankfurt area, arrange bands and artists for every occasion, so called for merchandise of all kinds and can offer almost any service related to events! Merchandis (...)